View from the Rocks


“View from the Rocks” – Acrylic + mixed media on textured watercolour paper 300gsm

28cm wide x 21cm high, unframed – $220 + p/h (contact me for a quote)


View from the Rocks


In November 2016 to mid January 2017, Rick and I were housesitting/managing a B&B in the rural town of St Helens, which is in the northeast of Tasmania, about a 20 minute drive from the famous Bay of Fires coastal area.

The sand is white, squeeky white, the boulders are granite, and have a vibrant red/orange lichen on them.  The sea is turqouise and the combination of colours is breathtaking.

This is a painting of the beach north of “The Gardens”, which is just one area of many, well worth a visit.  There are campgrounds along the coast in the Bay of Fires, and many visitors and locals take advantage of the gorgeous setting.


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